1877 Pasta & Wine Bar

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1877? I hope that's not the price. :|

It was a long drive up here to Modbury. Other than a few at Port Adelaide, there are almost no fancy restaurants north of the CBD.

Grigliata di pesce

Fillet of Atlantic salmon topped with a lemon cream sauce, calamari marinated with garlic, chilli & olive oil, skewer of prawns with capsicum & onion served with a fresh tomato salsa.

I'm told this is very fancy.

The giant white slab is actually squid. It's very soft and pleasant. It's more like a base for the tomato and thyme. However, those things don't add enough flavour to the giant slab of squid.

A very similar problem exists wig the salmon. It's a nicely-cooked piece of fish, but its creamy sauce has almost no flavour.

The prawns, however, are some of the best I've had. They're infused with a very buttery, salty taste.

There were a lot of good things about this dish, but with some changes, it could have been excellent.

Dessert assaggini

Chef's dessert trilogy plate.

I hope this trilogy is as epic as Star Wars. You can call me Darth Feeder. :)

Starting at the bottom.

The vanilla mousse cup has contents that taste like slightly sweet frothy milk. Not hugely exciting. The chocolate one is equally uninspiring. Its hint of chocolate is equally faint. 5/10

The profiterole is just bland pastry, with vanilla ice cream in it, and chocolate topping underneath. 6/10

The glass cube contains a nice, firm, smooth panna cotta, with a strong dairy taste. However, I only deduce this later, as it's completely overpowered by passionfruit - possibly the most overpoweringly strong fruit around. The sourness of the raw fruit completely blots out the panna cotta. This is actually not a bad combination, but with far less passionfruit. I can't really separate them in this little cup. 5/10

Waitress is very appreciative of my feedback on both courses.

Excellent tip: Providing constructive (or negative, if the food is bad) feedback on food can get you free food and drinks and/or discounts. I got my drink free tonight. :)