Ai Fiori

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It's feeding time again! For those who don't know, The Feed Report will now only be adding new restaurants. So, even though updates will be less frequent, you can expect the same low quality of penmanship.

This is another place on King William St. that uses the preexisting architecture of the old buildings. The room is two storeys high, and clad in marble. However, the effect is completely ruined by the abysmal linoleum floor. It's the ancient lino, that looks like melted plastic, and can be found on the floors of very crappy supermarkets. Ai Fiori!

The music in this giant room is very muffled, and echoes badly. Different parts of the music sound like they're coming from different parts of the room. It's also a very drony and repetitive kind of muzak. This place makes me feel like I'm waiting at a dreary old subway.


Roasted four point Murray Valley lamb rack, cap on, served medium rare with fennel infused yogurt, potato gnocchi and rosemary lamb jus.

The lamb is nice and juicy, but not exceptionally tasty. The fennel-infused yoghurt is like tzatziki. It's a very strong and basic flavour, that doesn't really compliment the meat.

I've never had lamb with gnocchi before. Usually, the gnocchi has some kind of a sauce. Here, it's just gnocchi, with a bit of the juice from the lamb. It has extraordinarily little taste. My mouth keeps asking me "is this even food?" It reminds me of dental putty.


White wine zabaglione poured over vanilla poached rhubarb with sweet pastry crumbs and toasted meringue.

Apparently this isn't a taste for everyone. That's good. I'll have it all to myself. :)

This was a glass of fluff. However, it was reasonably nuanced fluff. I could taste the alcohol, and the sweet meringue contrasted well with the fairly savoury fluff.

:( :( :( :(
Parking plus short walk.
Dismal acoustics.