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A half, beautifully fleshed duckling, roasted brown, with an orange and Grand Marnier sauce.

Well-cooked duck can closely resemble chicken, but this has a similar but sweeter flavour.

Some nights, I just feel like having dinner, and don’t want something fancy. That’s when I’m looking for food like this duck.

This duck is simple and full of flavour. The orange sauce adds a little bit of tang to the duck, but there’s nowhere near enough of it. The vegetables are nothing exciting, but they’re properly cooked.

There’s just not a lot to say about this food. It’s just a much better version of regular food. :)


Homemade brandy basket filled with ice cream, lots of fresh fruits and berries.

There was no secret El Cheapo apple or orange in this basket. It was mostly the sweeter fruits, and tropical fruit. The brandy snap basket was a but difficult to eat, and it’s flavour was somewhat eclipsed by all the fruit, but it did add a nice hint of something extra to the fruit and ice cream (and coulis, which I couldn’t always discern amongst the fruitfest I was eating.)

At its heart, this was fruit and ice cream, but the coulis and brandy snap added extra texture and flavour to make it a more complex dish.

Very fast serving time.
Attentive, helpful, friendly staff.