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This place does very home-cooked traditional Swiss food. Definitely the place to go when taking some "I don't like fancy food" Luddite out to dinner. :)

Pork Filet with Tarragon Sauce

Filled with a mushroom duxelle and bacon served with a tarragon demi-glaze.

With rosti.

The pork is served more like a chicken breast. There's no bone.

The duxelle on the inside adds a slight nutty flavour, and the sauce on the plate adds a very mild creamy flavour. It's not really bursting with flavour. Lucky I have this super-strength mustard to blot it all out. :)

Everything else is fairly standard too. The rosti is basically boiled potato, but crispy on the outside, and some of the vegetables are completely ungarnished.

Panna Cotta

Delicious vanilla bean panna cotta topped with fresh berries and ice cream.

I haven't had a panna cotta for a while. Welcome back Mr. Cotta. :)

Panna cotta with berries is a great combination. The contrast between the tangy berries and sweet, creamy panna cotta can be amazing.

Here, the berries are suitably flavoursome and tangy, but the panna cotta isn't really sweet or flavourful enough.

Also, as I've said many times before, I don't want to eat two creamy things together. This ice cream is superfluous. But I eat it anyway. :)