Ambient Restaurant

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Still at Glenelg. Away from the foreshore, there’s free parking to be found on the side streets.

No pizzas are available here today. That’s good, because I don’t want no stinking pizza anyway.

It’s amazing how often pizza ovens break down.

Smoked kangaroo fillet

Celeriac purée, rainbow chard, pencil leeks, quince, Shiraz.

Have been brought a giant orange juice. It was probably squeezed from a giant orange.

The kangaroo is chunky and nicely done, with some crispy, charred bits on the outside that don’t have a carbon taste. The Shiraz glaze on the meat is slightly sweet, and the meat is infused with a tasty, charred, zingy flavour.

The chard (spinach with red stalks) here is al dente, and has the same nice taste as the kangaroo.

Celeriac purée tends to taste like runny mashed potato, but here it has a kind of oniony taste, which is mild and pleasant, and adds some interest.

Back to my freshly-squeezed but not sour mega-OJ

Double chocolate cheesecake

Accompanied with Mascarpone, berries & coulis.

This cheesecake almost has the texture of actual cheese. There’s almost nothing caky about it. The cake doesn’t have any strong flavour. The brown area has a bit if a cocoa taste, but the whole thing lacks sweetness.

I use up the small amount of sweet coulis, and then abandon this cheese-mass.

My detailed feedback on my dessert’s taste and composition elicits the question “are you a chef?” I then discuss restaurants with the proprietor for about fifteen minutes.

$7.50 is the most I’ve ever paid for an orange juice, but it was worth it.

Staff friendly but inattentive.