Ambient Restaurant

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Back at Ambient, right near the tram terminus, at Glenelg.

People at these places are starting to remember me. :)

Gnocchi verde

House made potato dumplings sautéed with peas, baby spinach, olive oil & finished with roquette and Parmesan crumbs.

The large blobs of gnocchi have a faint spicy taste to them, but the crunchiness of the crumbs is somewhat odd.

With such large chunks of gnocchi, it's hard to eat them with the greenery. The green vegetables are comprised of peas and pea-sized pieces of asparagus. The problem is that this is all fairly in distinct, and just ends up being a forkful of green rubble, which obviously has to be eaten on its own.

The gnocchi itself doesn't have a huge amount of flavour, and soon becomes tedious.

Amazing trio of gelatis

Accompanied with Australian biscotti.

Chocolate wattle seed "Rocher Ripple" (middle)

There's a kind of a caky texture going on here. This is not a normal gelati taste. There's also a slight cocoa grain here. Despite it's unusual appearance and texture, this tastes a lot like regular chocolate gelati.

Apple and native lemon myrtle (left)

This has a texture half way between gelati and jelly. The apple-lemon taste is refreshing and sweet.

Vanilla bean & strawberry gum (right)

It's almost impossible to detect any strawberry here. This is a kind of a milky and icy vanilla ice cream, with some bits in it. As an accompaniment to a main dessert, this would have been acceptable. On its own, it really doesn't cut it.

:( :(