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This is northern Italian cuisine, which the menu tells me is influenced by nearby Switzerland and Piedmont.

Piccata di Vitello al Pesto

A Genovese specialty of sautéed veal slices in lemon juice, with an aromatic sauce of finely chopped basil, spinach and pine nuts.

I've eaten al fresco before, but never "al pesto". :)

This is one of the least visually appealing dishes I have ever been served. And yes, that is a streak of blood at the top.

However, it has a very pleasant taste. There's really not much meat here, but it's soft and mild. The pesto is only slightly basil-y (I'm used to pesto being a weapons-grade concentration of basil), but it adds a mild and pleasant taste to the meat. The small slices of lemon add a slight tang that works well here.

The side serve of vegetables is among the best I've had. It's just vegetables, but it's in an unknown but very tasty salty, buttery, herby sauce.

Gelato della casa

Gelato prepared on the premises & served in assorted flavours with a berry coulis.

Excellent tip: Gelati or ice-cream made in-house like this is worth ordering. If it's not house-made, it's probably coming from a 4L tub. :)


This is soft and almost cream-like. It has a genuine natural vanilla flavour.

I deploy the berry coulis here. The coulis has a bit of flavour, but is reasonably tart. It's like it's just a few blended raspberries. The gelsti has enough flavour that it doesn't really need spicing up by some coulis. 7/10

Mocha and chocolate: I try to guess what this tastes like in advance, but I'm way out. This strongly evokes Christmas pudding. I'm sure there's some brandy in here.

However, it's full of ice crystals, which gives it a slightly unpleasant texture. 6/10

Honey and saffron: The taste of this is so mild I spend a minute trying to detect it. It's not even vanilla ice cream. It's just ice cream. It has the same pleasant texture of the first scoop, but a flavour I would best describe as "cream flavour". 5/10

Fast feed. Both courses served in under five minutes.