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Apparently this is a northern Italian restaurant. I thought that bit was Switzerland. :|

Anatra all' Antica

The classic French dish of tender roasted duck, boned & served with an orange glaze.

This duck certainly is boned. :)

Duck, like chicken, has a tendency to taste like a boring Sunday roast chicken, when well-cooked. This dish is well-cooked, but its orange glaze adds a lot of flavour. It has orange zest and pomegranate bitties, which give it more flavour.

Budino al Caramello

Crème caramel accompanied with [sic] a lemon scented vanilla gelato.

It's enough to make you sic.

This dessert goes against my "rule of creamy stuff". This rule states that you don't serve dairy components as accompaniments to each other. They all serve a similar purpose in a dessert. Berries and cream is fine. Custard and cream is not.

The crème caramel here has a nice texture, but its flavour is really mild. Scooping up honey helps a bit, but not much. This is obviously also not helped in any way by the rule-defying gelato. The pieces of fruit are fairly redundant, especially since they come with their own whipped cream.