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Tagliatelle Wild Rabbit Ragu

RAGU now acceptable in Scrabble.

Preeeeety sure that was tuna.

Enquiring now.

Apparently overcooked rabbit. Will be deducted from bill. This pasta/asparagus/rabbituna wasn’t bad. Just tasted like reasonable pasta with tuna.

Technically this should’ve scored a 1 or 2, but I was so sure that it was tuna that I didn’t mind it all that much. It broke up into little parallelogram-shaped pieces, it was the right colour, it stuck my teeth together when I chewed into it, and it had the mild taste of tuna.


- a meringue in a jar. It had better not taste like tuna.

Small amount of meringue, rest is vanilla ice cream with some crispy bits and a drizzle of nutella. I don’t mind vanilla ice cream and nutella, but it’s no fine cuisine.

for not tasting like tuna.
for being in a jar.