Apothecary 1878

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This place is a very old chemist. Very interesting place. Like a Wild West saloon, but gloomier.

The waiter offers me any one of four tables, or a seat at the bar, if I want to chat up the single lady there. In the darkness, I don't want to take my chances. :)


Stuffed with duxelle & savoy with boudin blanc & artichoke purée.

With a serve of braised winter greens with garlic & lemon.

The quail is comically cut exactly in half. Its small amount of meat is juicy and salty, and is enhanced by the earthy vegetably stuffing inside.

The light-coloured block is a sausage. It tastes somewhere between sausage and fried egg. It's slightly hard, but tasty. It's a bit like a ration of dense feed for a soldier or something.

The artichoke purée has a lot of spicy and vegetably flavours, and makes a good dip for the sausagomelette.

There's a cozy cellar under this restaurant. See photo.

Warm orange and almond cake

Baked rhubarb, pomegranate, white chocolate & yoghurt.

This is a strange combination of tastes and textures. The whole is very different from the sum of its parts.

The cake is very soft and moist, and blends into the also-soft rhubarb. The white dollop isn't cream. It's yoghurt. It's extremely thick, and its yoghurty bite stands out, above the other flavours.

Sometimes a bit of white chocolate or pomegranate comes along for the ride, and adds its taste to that spoonful.

Interesting place and atmosphere
:( :( :(
Parking. Hindley St is the most expensive parking in Adelaide.