Assaggio Ristorante

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Tonight was almost a "feed fail." The place I wanted to go was closed, and the nearest place was closed down entirely. I knocked on the window, and called out for an entree, but there was no response.

Now I'm at Assaggio Ristorante. I've already been to this ristorante this year of The Feed Report, but I was running out of ristorantes to go to.

Suckling grilled lamb cutlets

With oregano, braised Savoy cabbage, sweet paprika, garlic & chickpeas.

The meat is juicy, and has a lot of flavour of its own. The oregano adds a light, plant-y flavour.

There's a big pile of red mush under the chops. The cabbage, tomato and chickpeas form a kind of "pasta sauce", made tangy by the pickled cabbage. This pasta sauce doesn't really have a purpose. When eaten with the lamb, it just smothers their flavour. So I eat the pasta sauce by itself.

Venetian chocolate & hazelnut torte

With chocolate sauce & Amarena cherries, with a Frangelico & hazelnut gelato.

The torte is a dense and pasty cake. It's not super-sweet, and is full of nutty granules.

The chocolate sauce (with a bit of cheeky liqueur) unsurprisingly adds nothing to the already chocolatey cake. However, the gelato is full of hazelnuttiness, and adds a lot of flavour.

What's this on top! A glacé blueberry! Very surprising and tasty.

Update: it was just a cherry. :(