Augé Ristorante & Spuntini Bar

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At Augé, a place for fancy people.

That's oh-ZHAY, darlings. Never mind. You wouldn't understand.

Galleto Brasata

Pan roasted spatchcock, chat potatoes, baby onions, heirloom carrot, rosemary.

I look forward to talking with these "chat potatoes."

The chicken is lightly cooked, and very juicy. It's just chicken, but it has a plant-y flavour as well. I assume this is the rosemary.

The vegetables all have strong tastes, for what they are. They're all just-cooked, so they're fairly solid, but not hard or crunchy. There are a few grains of sand in this, but these vegetables taste like they're fresh from someone's garden, so that's okay. :)

Despite what was advertised, the potatoes don't want to talk, and I'm not going to be handing the heirloom carrots down to my offspring.

Cutting the meat off the legs is a bit difficult, but that's to be expected with spatchcock. Normally, I might pick up the bones with my fingers, and nibble at them. I think if I did that at Augé, the other patrons would throw their top hats and minks at me.

Struffoli napoletani

Neapolitan style fried dough balls dusted with cinnamon sugar, toasted almonds and candied citrus & honey gelato.

I can't taste the honey in the sorbet-like gelato, but the candied citrus in the gelato adds an interesting tang and texture.

The problem here is that these little balls are like light, crumbly biscuits. They're not moist or flavourful, and the other components of this dish struggle to make them interesting. The almonds are a nice touch here.

I quickly run out of gelato, and hit the eject button on this dessert.

:( :(