The Balcony Restaurant

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This balcony also has a roof, and walls. More importantly, it also contains feed. (Most balconies do not contain feed.)

This place's specialty is its "stonegrill". They give you raw meat on a very hot slab of stone, and you cook it. That sounds very novel, but I don't know what would make it taste good, if I could even cook it properly. I'd rather leave the cooking to the professionals, and just focus on the eating. :)

Handmade gnocchi

With honey roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, toasted almonds and spring onions in a light saffron cream sauce with matured shaved Parmesan.

The little gnocchies have an almost cheese-like taste. Often, gnocchi will rely on the taste of its sauce, but this has a deep and unusual flavour.

The spring onion here is the stand-out garnish. I'm not usually a fan of their very potent taste, but here, they add a very fitting kick to the pleasant gnocchi.

The slivered almonds here don't really add enough texture or taste. The standard roasted pine nuts would've added a more interesting texture here.

This serve was very big. I think I'd recommend the Entree size.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

With roasted macadamias (sic) gelato and Belgium (sic) choc sauce.

I can't read this menu any longer. I think I'm going to be (sic)

I take a spoonful of the cheesecake. It's awful. I've had salted caramel before, but this is way too salty. I combine it with as many other sweet components as possible, but its saltiness doesn't abate.

The ice cream with macadamias in it is rather odd. The nuts are mashed up, and mixed with the ice cream. There's so much nut in this that it's not your usual "ice cream with nuts" any more. It's a kind of a coarse, somewhat sweet paste.

This is the lowest score (2/10) in the history of The Feed Report (except for that time I ate an entree which turned out to be a spoonful of coriander.)

The dessert is refunded. :)

Dessert refunded
Staff friendly and helpful, but almost always out of the room.