Belgian Beer Cafe

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This Belgian-themed pub and restaurant off Rundle Street is very quiet tonight for such a large place.


Char grilled pork rib eye with cauliflower & truffle purée & broccolini.

I don’t normally order pork. I think this is the first time in Feed Report history. Pork Belly is ubiquitous, but other kinds of pork dish are few and far between.

Free surplus chips given to me!

The giant pork chop is just moist enough to not be dry. Its main flavour is from the char on its exterior, but that provides enough flavour to keep this large chunk of meat interesting.

The runny and sparse mashed potato makes the dish look like it was already being eaten, and its involuntary mixture with the heads of the broccolini isn’t ideal.


Apple & rhubarb crumble with coconut gelati & strawberry sauce.

This is a large pile of not-particularly-sweet cooked fruit. It takes me a while to understand its anatomy, and I soon discover that it has a base of layered pastry that’s very difficult to cut through. This whole thing has no real texture, and it’s just lots of unknown mouthfuls of one sloppy fruit or the other. I run out of coconut gelati, and abandon this feedpile.

Helpful, professional staff.