The Bistro

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I used to live in Stirling, but I don't remember this place being as big as this. It's probably the largest typical two-storey pub/hotel I've been to.

There is another (presumably less-salubrious) restaurant in the same building, and there are all kinds of tables, couches and chairs I can sit on.

Chargrilled kangaroo loin

Sweet potato rosti, Black Russian tomato, fresh oregano, shallot, quandong glaze.

The staff provide lots of helpful information about the kangaroo, but are not receptive to any gags regarding Skippy.

I resist making a foray into "quandong" jokes.

The kangaroo is rare, but that's really how you have to eat kangaroo. It's juicy and fairly tasty, and the quandong glaze adds an unusual fruity tang to the meat.

The sweet potato rosti, under the meat, is like a little disc of mashed potato, but with a strong sweet potato flavour, and a nice "fried" taste to it.

Green apple pannacotta

Berry jelly, apple, strawberry compote.

I have moved to the fireplace and couches to feed upon this dessert.

The thick berry layer is fairly unexciting. It's like jam, but solid like jelly, and not sweet.

Even when I taste the panna cotta underneath, by itself, it has no strong taste. I only taste a slight apple taste because I know there's apple there.

I don't particularly like eating jam, but the apple panna cotta underneath is pleasant enough.

I usually want to feed and then run, but this is a nice place to hang around after dinner.

Seating, atmosphere, helpful service