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The Stirling Hotel is now a complex of restaurants and bars, varying in salubriousness. I'm told I can sit wherever I like.

I'm not sure that a waiter is coming. :| Halp!

There are a few fancyish items on the menu, but it's mostly steaks, burgers, and other pub food.

Goat Rogan Josh Curry

Apple raita, cumin, cinnamon rice, naan bread.

I'm told this has coriander seeds in it. That's fine. It is only the coriander leaf that is pure evil.

The curry is surprisingly unflavourful. It's a bit like Bolognese sauce, with some meat in it. There is some lemon zest, but it doesn't add much to the meal.

I don't know that Rogan Josh would want his name associated with this curry.

Apple & brioche bread and butter pudding

Dark rum ice cream, vanilla anglaise.

The whole dessert menu is new. That's not good. :)

The thing in the middle is a cake with a nice crispy exterior. Inside is fruit and sultanas. It tastes a bit like fruit mince pie.

The rum ice cream isn't fake. It contains real rum - the kind you'd loot from a pirate ship. This alcoholic taste is a strange addition to a fairly pleasant cake. I'm not sure that it makes sense here, much like my pirate story.

Anyway, back to the freeway, home to Adelaide.

Have to order at counter (and pay each time you order.)