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Time for another Feed Report! Times are tough, so I'm only doing The Feed Report monthly right now. I had to pick up five hundred cans to pay for tonight's dinner.

I'll keep doing the site monthly. I don't want to abandon it, and have it fall into disrepute.

Lamb on the bone

Local lamb slowly cooked with wine, herbs and stock, served on crushed new season potatoes flavoured with mint and olive oil served with a confit of red onion, tomato and pea.

A full stop would be nice, too.

The waitress delivers my feed. There's a bit of butter on my knife, as I've used it to butter my bread.

Waitress: "Would you like another knife?"
Moi: "No thanks. One is enough."



This is a nice piece of meat, but it's not really slow-cooked. Slow-cooked meat becomes gelatinous, and has a very strong "meat" flavour. This is more over-cooked. It's a bit on the chewy side, and each mouthful crumbles into small pieces in my mouth.

The mint mashed potato is almost interesting enough to eat in its entirety.

Sweet fennel, Apple & cardamom custard tart

Flaky pastry case filled with green cardamom custard, Muscato braised fennel and apples, grilled with a sweet dukka crumble crust and finished with toffee ice cream and cinnamon anglaise.

This is like a main course, in dessert form. Very interesting. I forgot to ask about coriander!

The fennel isn't really distinguishable from the apple pie part.

The whole dish is completely overpowered by the cumin seeds in the dukkah. It's a very particular and strong taste. Even if I didn't already associate cumin seeds with certain other dishes, it still wouldn't be appropriate here.