Bistro Dom

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Going to popular restaurants unbooked often leads to suboptimal seating. Tonight I’m “al fresco” – also known as “out on the bloody street”. Hopefully that spot of rain doesn’t develop. Update: moving inside. I’ll see Al some other time.

Entree: Spiced carrot veloute

Veloute was subtle and smooth. This food overall leans more in the direction of pleasant, edible food than in the direction of fancy wankery.

Snapper with aioli & slow-cooked vegetables

That was very simple, but well done. The cumin and quinoa seasoning seemed like overkill at first, but was just enough to add flavour, without overpowering the fish. The mostly-eggplant (with tomato and onion) vegetables underneath were subtle but tasty.

Mandarin soufflé with chocolate sorbet

‘zert time!

Waitress: “Would you like something sweet?”
Me: *mustttt resistttt comedy answerrrr* “Yes, please.”

That certainly looked uninteresting, but turned out to be bursting with lemony goodness. It’s often the case that desserts like these are too rich, but this one wasn’t. The shell was crispy and sweet.