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This whole place is about three metres wide, with a slightly uncomfortable park bench seat along one wall, and a walkway along the other.

This place is very dark, and there aren't any light spots anywhere, so this Feed Report's pictures will be the stark type that use the flash, unfortunately.

ETNREE: Almond soup with wild snapper

The soup is very thick and pasty and pleasant, but the snapper is bursting with flavour. The fish might be too strong on its own, but with the soup, its salty, fishy flavour pervades my mouthful of feed.

Charcoal "Hawkers Creek" Lamb

With zucchini, wild plum jam and cauliflower.

I'm told this is "very different".

The lamb is juicy and flavourful, but the tasty white sauce on the plate contains particles of wild plum jam that are almost stingingly acidic, but can be ignored once mixed in the mouth. I've never tasted anything as acidic, in such small quantities.

While the meat is good, I run into constant problems of small bones, unchewable gristle, and huge globs of fat disguised as meat. I find myself constantly spitting clumps of feed into my entree butter bowl.

On taste alone, I'd give this 7-8. With the unpleasantness of eating it, much less.

Chinese man on adjacent table remarks that my feedback was good, and that he had the same opinion.

Waiter returns with dessert menu. $40 main course deducted from bill!

Chocolate egg

With sea salt caramel.

Me: "What dessert would you recommend? What do most people li..."
Waiter: "Egg."

This is a few scoops of caramel, chocolate, salt, and that popping candy you get in show bags.

As basic and ridiculous as this was, it actually tasted great. It was like dipping a spoon into the Nutella jar, but much more textured, and with more layers to its taste.

There was no actual egg in there.

:( :(
:) :) :) :) :)
Main course refunded