Bistro Dom

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This place is extremely popular. Always book here. Almost anywhere else, you'll just be able to walk in the door, and get a table. Not here.

There are only a handful of fancy French restaurants in Adelaide.

Radish, goats curd & barramundi

The big slice of radish at the base wasn't distasteful, as I feared it might've been.

Some technical issues here, so no photo. :(

However, the radish and especially the curd flavours overwhelmed the barramundi.

Yoghurt fed Barossa Valley pork

Cauliflower, pumpernickel crumb, pickled ginger.

Yoghurt-fed pork?
"Here comes the aeroplane..."
"Oink oink oink..."
"That's right, piggies. Eat up your yoghurt!"

Despite just being listed as "pork", this turns out to be pork belly. Usually, this is served here as pork chops. Some people like pork belly, but I find eating meat that's 50% slimy fat to be extremely offputting.

After this, I forget to take a photo.

I perform surgery on the dish, and extricate the meat from the fat. It has a taste strangely similar to tuna. When combined with the slightly bitey pumpernickel crumbs and cauliflower, it's tastes splits exactly like Tuna Mornay.

The ginger is a great addition here, and adds bite to the "mornay".

Despite the issues here, half of this dish was salvageable.

Warm blackberry soup

Fig leaf ice cream, toasted Pinot Noir bread.


This is a bizarre combination of textures, flavours, and tastes.

The blackberry soup is fairly mild. I combine the soup with everything else, but most mouthfuls end with me chewing on the little, slightly sour and hard croutons of Pinot Noir bread that are numerous at the bottom of the swamp.

The fig leaf ice cream and hazelnut cream (which is a lot like softer and hazelnuttier Nutella) don't really go with the soup or croutons, and are quickly gone in each mouthful. This is one of the most unusual desserts I've had. I think that's the idea. However, in this case, these totally unrelated foods just don't add up to anything coherent or sensible.

:( :(
Surprise pork belly