Bistro Dom

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I have lots of options of restaurants on Waymouth Street, but I check in at Bistro Dom first. It's very popular, and notoriously hard to get into.

They have a table for me. :)

Excellent tip: You almost never need to book at restaurants. If you just turn up, there's a 98% chance you'll get in.

There's no Diet Coke here. :( There's also no Coke Zero or equivalents. There no fruit juice either. :(

A friend lets me know there's a new chef here. The menu doesn't appear to be French any more.

When a restaurant changes chef, is it still the same restaurant? I'm not sure.

Oyster crisp

With beetroot, creamy stuff, and "fat hen" herb.

The waiter explains the fat hen to me, but I don't taste it at all. The whole thing tastes little more flavourful than a Cruskit.

Suffolk Lamb

Peas, saltbush, caramelised yoghurt.

The meat itself is fairly rare, and difficult to cut. It has very little taste, but the yoghurt has a really concentrated taste, and the light brown sauce in the bottom of the plate has a plant-y flavour to it.

The confit underneath has more flavour, but I'm just not a huge fan of confit. The meat tastes slow-cooked. It has that strong meaty flavour, not unlike eating smallgoods of some variety. Eating it with chewy, slightly-cooked peas doesn't add anything.

The meal is also on the dry side.

The brevity of the menu left out a fair amount of information here.

White chocolate, yoghurt, rhubarb, pistachio

I haven't seen a number of these staff before, they range from entertaining and friendly to annoying and invasive. People looking for banter, and trivia about the food, will enjoy this. I'm here by myself, so I didn't mind.

This mountain of bits is shrouded in coconut. I'm not always sure what I'm eating. There are all kinds of potent sweet and tart bits in here, including some rhubarb. The white dollops on the outside are like icing or sweetened condensed milk, while the big white dollop is a tangy sorbet.

Update: the White dollops were iced tea (somehow made into a paste.)

Very limited non-alcoholic drinks