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Have ventured into Burnside Village. Was expecting to find a mis-categorised franchise restaurant in the food court, but this is actually fairly fancy.

I'm recommended the duck. Good news for me. Bad news for the duck.

I'm brought three olives. I'm not much of an olive muncher, but I know that these are good olives.

Confit de canard

Duck leg on a bed of mushrooms and potatoes with an orange glaze.

The duck is nothing amazing, but is nicely done. The generous sea of tasty and tangy orange glaze makes the meal into something more like a casserole.

The aide serve of vegetables I expect to be boring, but it's nice and chewy, and full of tasty fried vegetables.

I mop up the "groobly bits" with some of the bread. I think this is acceptable on the continent. :)

Creme brulee

The toffee layer on top is uneven, with some parts being a bit too far on the burnt side, and others just being sugar.

The custard underneath isn't sweet or tasty enough, but it does have a slight eggy taste, that stands out in the absence of other flavours. This is also one of the largest cremes brulee I've had.