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This place looks like a little boutique shop in Burnside Village, but is actually a reasonably fancy restaurant. There's not much French cuisine in Adelaide.

I did a bit of French at school, and I also have a map of the world.

Veal rump

With sauté spinach with truffle cream sauce.

This arrives at the same time as the bread, but I realise the bread's not late. It's part of the feed.

The veal is fairy bland, as always, and the mild and pleasant truffle sauce, with its cheesy and herby taste, isn't enough to give the veal a strong flavour.

The veal is also fairly tough. Too tough for a fancy restaurant like this.

Crêpes Suzette

My iPhone's dictionary doesn't know Crepes Suzette, and the spell-checker corrects it to Crepes Sudetenland. I kid you not. :|

Crepes with Grand-Marnier and orange sauce.

The waitress tells me about the dessert special. It's a bavari-OSS!


Moi: "I think it's bavarois." (Imagine correct French pronunciation.)

I could have thrown my beret onto the floor in disgust.

The waitress commends me on my French.

These crepes are very soggy and sweet, but not so soggy that they fall apart. The orange is a touch sour for me, but it's an interesting and pervasive taste.

The cream here is good, but I'd prefer some heavy-duty ice cream to neutralise the citric crepes. The cream is just too weak and fluffy.

After eating the dessert, I offer this feedback to the waitress, whereupon I'm offered some ice cream. :)

Service very slow. Not enough staff.