Bliss Pizzeria Cafe

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I've interrupted an impromptu family gathering here, but the proprietor soon comes to the counter.

I've had an excellent pizza here before, so I want to try again, and see if this success can be repeated.

This is far from fine dining, but I'm basically looking for the best tasting food, whether it's something at a five-star restaurant, or a little pizza cafe.

Otto: Franco

Tomato, mozzarella, salsiccia, ham, prosciutto, pancetta.

The pizza isn't as slathered in meat as I'd expected.

The meats don't add a strong taste to the pizza. It's really only the salami that I can taste.

This is pleasant enough, but nothing above a typical pizza.

The kids have been playing up a bit, and the parents turn on a TV above my head.

There's no 'zert here, so my feeding has come to an end. :(

Friendly service
:( :(
Family gathering and child care in restaurant
:( :(
No 'zert :(
Strong wind blowing through premises