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At the Hilton, on Victoria Square.

The waiter is adamant that the steaks are the best things on the menu. I usually avoid steaks, as they all tend to be boring and similar, but I'll try this one.

Mayura station Wagyu

Lemon oregano charred Gulf prawns, Tewkesbury mustard hollandaise.

On its own, the meat is very mild-tasting. There's no strong salty or meaty flavour. It's a bit like eating some weak broth.

The hollandaise is creamy and only lightly flavoured, but that flavour is a bit like egg with a hint of caramel, with a tiny vinegary kick to it. This sauce really gives a wholesome, very pleasant taste to the meat.

As nice as that hollandaise was, it was very rich, and towards the end of the meal, I didn't know if I wanted to eat any more of it.

Fleurieu cream elderflower panna cotta

with Rhubarb jelly, coconut marshmallow, nougatine.

The 70% dark chocolate fondant was recommended, but I'm not sure I could tolerate such a feed. :)

The electric candle at my table just blew out.

The elderflower is like a mild combination of rose water and grape juice. The custard is fairly nondescript, having a very faint citrus or acidic flavour that's not typical in a panna cotta.

These two very mild flavours really don't do anything together.

The random marshmallow pieces are sweet and coconutty, and are probably the highlight of the dish. The nutty biscuit/brittle is fine, but I don't really want an irrelevant biscuit with my dessert.

Panna cotta is often served with a berry coulis or something with a strong taste. My extensive panna cotta feedback earns me a free drink, but it's tine to go.

:( :(