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100th EDITION!

This is the 100th episode of The Feed Report! It takes a true champion to eat that much feed. Many more feedings are yet to come, with the initial run of Adelaide’s top restaurants nearing its end. A Top 50 (probably) will ensue. I still have about twenty more places left before then. I’m looking forward to returning to feed at some of the great feederies I’ve been to.

The Brighton Jetty Cafe is right by the roundabout, by the Jetty. If I got any closer to the jetty, I’d be feeding on raw fish, much like Smeagol.

Barramundi Fillet

With saffron, leeks, peas, blistered tomato, & sauce vierge.

The soft, salty vegetables are tasty when eaten with the fish, but there’s not enough fish to match the amount of vegetable.

There’s a lot going on in this vegetable mix. There are three different legumes, plus leeks, tomato, and sprouts. It’s all nice, but it’s not easy to make out any one flavour. I just scoop it all up and devour it.

Raspberry Zabaglione

Lightly sweetened sabayon with raspberry and sponge fingers.

Fastest restaurant yet. Under ten minutes for main course. Under five for dessert.

This mousse has a slight alcoholic taste, and a slight strawberry taste. Here, combined with the stronger-tasting and very sweet fruit (the fruit is dusted with icing sugar), it’s a nice mix of a strong taste and a weaker base.

Despite being simple, this combination of two flavours was just interesting enough to last until I’d finished it. The from-the-packet sponge fingers on the plate just try to add some complexity and interest here, but I just ignore these sad fellows.

Not the most interesting cuisine tonight, but sometimes, good execution of something simple can be better than some awful masterpiece. :)

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