Brighton Jetty Cafe

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With its tiled floor and unglamorous exterior, you wouldn't think this place was a fancy restaurant.

Duck leg confit

With red wine braised eschallots, baby beets & quince glaze.

I can immediately tell that the duck is dry. It's well-done, which I would call "overcooked" in cuisine of this price range. The duck is fairly flavourless, which is not helped by its sauce. The small amount of sauce is more like a scoop from the bottom of the pan. This thick, black, salty sauce really doesn't add anything at all.

This was subpar, even for a Sunday roast.

I accept a free Diet Coke. I could play feedback games and get all kinds of free main courses, but I'll only do that if food is terrible, and I don't eat much of it.

Portuguese Pudim

A traditional Portuguese pudding reminiscent of the French creme caramel, with a hint of port and served with a caramel and macadamia ice cream.

This is a big block of fairly solid white custard. It's pleasant enough, and the slight cinnamon flavour it gets from the syrup on the plate adds a subtle flavour.

The custard's texture is very close to that of a custard tart, though it lacks a strong flavour.

The little bowl of macadamia ice cream has a nice honeycomb taste, but obviously, ice cream and custard don't go together.

Two Diet Cokes on the bill. Seems like that extra Diet Coke wasn't complimentary.