Cafe Luna Rosso

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Lack of fancy dishes here. Lots of pasta, pizza, schnitzels. Presence of chips is a bad omen. Fancy places don’t do chips.


With rice & vegetables topped with a creamy asparagus sauce.

As you can see from the photo, most of the components of this unnecessarily-large dish were completely unadorned steamed vegetables. The salmon was decently cooked, but wasn’t at all crispy. After I progressed most of the way through this slab of salmon, I unearthed a block of soft, plain white rice. I tried to eat it with both the cheesy sauce and with the salmon, but it was completely unrelated. It’s like it snuck in from someone else’s dish. The standard cheesy sauce that covered this plate wasn’t enough, if I actually wanted to eat it with every component on this dish. The one right spot on this canteen fare was the unusually-desserty potato slices. Their desserty taste is otherwise not describable.


Kitchen has closed, so the only desserts are sundaes and cakes. Since the cakes are standard stuff, not made here, I’ll just skip it.

$32 without dessert is expensive for somewhere like this.

I can name a number of fancy restaurants with this kind of price.

Free take-away menu!