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It's a busy night, and there's no room at the inn. I'm forced to go walkies around the Glenelg foreshore, before returning to feast.

This is the best restaurant in Glenelg, according to moi. Ambient is also decent. Everything else I've had down here has been average at best.

Pork rib eye

Potato & parsnip puree. Green beans, apple shallot chutney & brandy jus.

This is a nicely cooked, juicy piece of meat. That's to be expected though. It has a peppery and crispy crust. I expect the apple shallot chutney to be more potent, but it just imparts a mild, pleasant pickle and apple flavour to the meat.


This is a block of chocolate ice cream with nuts in it. It doesn't have any strong or interesting taste. Also, I'm not a fan of toffee in desserts. It can't be eaten with anything, doesn't taste like much, requires crunching, and sticks to my teeth.

The Persian floss doesn't really do anything either. It tastes slightly like Ferrero Rocher, but adds nothing when combined with the semifreddo.