Cardone's Seafood & Grill

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The boss welcomes me back. I'm a very memorable customer. :)

Murraylands Lamb Cutlets

Roast sebago potato, broccolini, beetroot purée & mint glaze.

The meat is nice and juicy, and has just the right amount of salt. The beetroot purée adds a very subtle cooked beetroot taste, but in large quantities, this adds a nice "murky" taste to the meat.

The sebago potato has a creamier texture than regular potato, but is largely unadorned, and somewhat boring. The broccolini is completely unadorned.

Belgium waffle

Made with 100% real Belgium. :)

Vanilla & white chocolate Creme Anglaise ice cream, raspberries & chocolate sauce.

The waffle is sweet, crispy and actually a bit salty. The centre is slightly doughy, and the whole thing has a good bready flavour.

The ice cream is very creamy, a bit like buttermilk, but there isn't enough of it, relative to the size of the waffle. Luckily, the waffle is good without it.

There's a circle of chocolate sauce around the plate, but it's almost like cocoa. It's nowhere near sweet enough.

:( :(