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The place is almost empty, even though it's on the main street of North Adelaide.

I think it's an upmarket cafe during the day.

Bistecca alla griglia

Chargrilled 300gm eye fillet, topped with caramelised onion, seeded mustard, fresh mushroom, white wine and cream, served with roast potatoes and vegetables.

The steak is reasonably close to medium rare. I dip it in the boat of sauce. The sauce contains onions, parsley, and mushrooms, but just tastes like mustard. Another thing that just tastes like mustard is mustard. I don't mind a bit of mild mustard with my steak though.

The fried potatoes don't seem to be garnished in any way. Also, they're bulky half-potatoes, not nicer potato slices with more fried surface area.

The same laziness extends to the giant tree of broccoli on the plate. I've never been served a piece of broccoli this big before. These vegetables all have a bit of butter on them, but it's not enough to add interest to the broccotree.


There's no dessert menu, but the glass display does contain a house-made tiramisu.

The tiramisu is fairly simple, but it works well enough. The cake is granular, and has extra alcohol in it. Between the layers of cake is a kind of a custard-cream. It's not sickly like cream, but it doesn't have an inappropriate custard taste. It's just smooth. Like me. :)

Still not sure why I was eating that with a soup spoon. Now I'm no expert on tiramisu, but I don't think it's a soup.

As a token of my gratitude for tonight's meal, I pay ENTIRELY IN CHANGE.