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This place stands out for the interestingness of its food. It often deals in "flavours" rather than descriptions of cooking processes or finished food products. This place probably serves the most unusual Modern Australian food in Adelaide.

Since my last visit, the menu here has become like Tapas. (multiple little courses.) There also seems to have been a bit of a proliferation of offal. :|

Wacky entreex

The venison tartare between sheets of potato glass tastes like a mouthful of lunch. The vegetables and venison inside create a nondescript but reasonably tasty "lunch" taste, but the potato chip exterior tastes a bit burnt. 4/10

The giant pork rind cracker with roe and almond slivers has a variety of weird textures, and some salty tastes. 5/10

The poppy seed brittle has a bit of a curry taste. It's not dinner, but it's novel. The linseed brittle has a slight "fried" taste, but mostly tastes like the seeds that comprise it. 6/10

Murray Cod, fennel, mandarin, miners lettuce

At first I don't like this. The miners lettuce leaves are sour, and taste like a garden plant. However, I've missed the mandarin.

The mandarin has the texture of sauerkraut, and the taste of marmalade. It mostly blots out all the fish, fennel and other flavours, but their textures survive. It's interesting, but not much more.

Also, it was tiny. The giant plate just accentuates this. Most non-tiny people would want to eat three such main courses, then a dessert. Not cheap at $20-30 per course.

Pure Suffolk lamb, onion, caramelised yoghurt, turnip

The meat is excellent. It's like a really good lamb chop. The mild caramelised yoghurt here mixes with the straight-from-the-backyard-barbecue onion, and creates something very close to French onion dip. It's not pleasant. I blame the onion. The yoghurt is fairly innocent.

Beetroot leather around yoghurt mousse

Here, even dessert has an entree.

The leather is only slightly beetrooty, but there's a tang there that contrasts with the sweet and fluffy yoghurt mousse on the inside.

Carrot, coconut, cream cheese

There are three or four clumps of carrot cake hidden here. They're very light, and taste slightly like bread or pudding. The carrot taste here is so sweetened that it ceases to be carrot. It's not bad as the dominant flavour of the dish.

My experience here is the same as it was on my last visit. This is some of the most interesting and creative food in Adelaide. I just don't like it all that much.

:) :) :)
Very interesting food
:( :(
Cheapish parking very close, at the Market, or a bit of a walk from the side streets further west.