Chapati House 2

I normally wouldn't review a relatively inexpensive place like this, but it comes recommended.

I can always ask them to add an extra zero at the end of the bill. :)

My request for a Diet Coke with a squeeze of lime is fulfilled with a can of Diet Coke from the drinks fridge, plus a slice of lemon in a dish.

Mixed Platter

A mix of Chapati House favourites. Small serves of butter chicken, chicken moglai, beef rogan josh and lamb masala. Served with rice and vegetables.

We haggle over the coriander for a moment. :) Coriander powder is apparently made from coriander seeds, so it's okay.

Butter chicken is usually pretty boring. This has a nice kind of a tang to it. 7/10

The beef in the rogan josh seems overcooked and dry. It just crumbles in my mouth. 5/10

The lamb masala is juicy and sweet. 8/10

The chicken moglai is more like traditional butter chicken. It has a light spice, and is quite pleasant, unlike the Mogwai, which turns into a gremlin if it's fed after midnight. 6/10

This food is all fairly similar, I realise. I probably underrate it here, because I'm not eating it with the naan. The naan adds an appropriate plain flavour and texture here.

I keep eating from the little pots. There are so many. Each is a small meal on its own. There are also papadams, and rice. I eat them too.

Must stop eating… :|

*This episode of The Feed Report has been terminated. The writer has become bloated from excess consumption of food, and cannot consume a 'zert.*

Thank you for understanding.