Chefs of Tandoori

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After a few "feed fails", I've come to the last place in the area that's on my list. The first restaurant was closed, and the second restaurant wasn't a restaurant. It was a bar.

I'm recommended a Thaali banquet. It's a banquet for one. That's my favourite kind of banquet.

The waiter helps me dodge the spicy and coriander-infested items.

The waiter returns to inform me that there's coriander powder in all the banquet options.

Banquet cancelled.

I'm not sure, but I think they're going to make something special for me. He didn't ask for any details.

It's a Prawn curry

I was worried that the red sauce would be some kind of chilli inferno, but as it turns out, I think it's paprika. There's some tang to the sauce, but it's fairly simple.

The rice has a kind of a mealy texture, and breaks apart, but doesn't taste too bad.

Kesari Kulfi

Literally meaning saffron flavoured Indian ice cream with pistachio & cardamon served with rose syrup.

This fairly solid ice cream tastes like sweetened condensed milk. It's a pleasant taste, but it's not particularly strong.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm eating here. There's a nondescript orange sauce underneath, with nutty bits in it, and there's some rose syrup, which adds no taste, even when all of it is piled onto one piece of ice cream.

The basic pieces of orange and grape add nothing.

Over all, this was pleasant, but unusual.