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This place used to be Chianti Classico. Now it's less classic. Just "Chianti". Probably got tired of all the "classic" gags.

I'm seated outside, with the rabble, and other people who didn't book.

Filetto di Manzo

Grilled fillet of Black Angus beef, truffled polenta, balsamic roasted field mushrooms.

I usually avoid steaks, but I'm assured this one isn't a boring hunk of meat. :)

I'm brought an entree, but it contains evil coriander, so I turn up my nose.

Update: Kitchen confirms there is no coriander.

The meat is tasty and squishy, and the balsamic vinegar combines nicely with the seared exterior of the meat.

The balsamic mushrooms, however, are just too pungent to eat. The vinegar taste is overpowering.

I get my snout into the truffled polenta. I can't precisely describe its taste, but it's very soft and moist. The truffles add a somewhat cheesy taste, and the brick of polenta tastes a lot like a pleasant quiche.

Update: there was Parmesan in the polenta. Very good regardless.


I am eating this entree after my main course.

I know why it's called an entree. Because it's on a tray. :)

This is a pleasant little bruschetta, with a strong taste of thyme.

There's a sploodge of pesto underneath the hard biscuit, so I have to "wipe its bum" so to speak. :)

Semifreddo al Mirtillo

Vanilla & blueberry semifreddo, house candied orange, brandy snap.

The mound has a berry layer on the outside, and vanilla on the inside. It's more than just ice cream though. It strongly reminds me of trifle. The waiter tells me the semifreddo contains egg and cream and other extra things.

The tart candied orange, and the various other bits are a bit random, but the central "trifle" is good. :)

Lack of good outdoor lighting. Hard to see my feed.