Chianti Classico

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Time to hit the Hutt. :)

Papardelle con Anitra

Pasta ribbons with duck and capsicum. Maybe shoulda taken photo before deluge of parmesan.

Feeding completed. Time for rating.

It’s hard to imagine pasta being really good, but that pasta was. The duck was very tender, and I’m sure that if I’d met it before eating it, it would’ve been a friendly one.

Zabaglione with chestnut torte and poached pears

Will report back with rating and description of what it actually was. Also spelt ZABAIONE, for Scrabblers’ interests.

Was a sort of warm frothy alcohol mixed with custard. Nice, but a bit rich and unusual for me. Side date cakes reasonably good. Almost all desserts (and many of the mains) here contain alcohol.

Chianti was pretty fancy, with various horse dervs and stuff. I’ve never been given a “palate cleanser” before.