Chianti Classico

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The first restaurant in The Feed Report Top 20. Probably the fanciest Italian restaurant in Adelaide.

Agnello con Melanzane

Panned and rested Pure Suffolk lamb rump, eggplant and ricotta rolls, Parmesan crumb.

Menu is new, so when I ask what's best, she polls the other staff, then remains helpful even after I reject a few options. That's good service.

The lamb is amazingly soft, and very herby. It's very much reminiscent of a tasty sausage, even though it's clearly meat. It could just use a tiny bit more flavour, but is otherwise excellent.

The eggplant rolls on the skewer are filled with ricotta. They're slightly chewy, and their main taste is balsamic vinegar, which I don't think is the ideal taste for an eggplant and ricotta roll.

Turns out the overpowering taste is because the eggplant is pickled.

"Nonno's Panino"

Scorched almond and chocolate ice cream brandy snap sandwich, Penfolds Grandfather rare tawny jelly, chocolate sauce.

As always, almost all the desserts here contain alcohol.

Let's hope Nonno's Panino isn't a big no-no.

This is a big block of ice cream, with a caramel brittle on top. With all the very crunchy nuts on the side, it tastes and feels like a Magnum ice cream.

The disc of alcoholic jelly has the taste of the alcohol, but none of the kick, which I actually don't want anyway. :) when combined with the fairly large block of ice cream, it adds a slightly interesting texture, but is nothing too significant.

Very friendly service