Chianti Classico

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Might be a long wait tonight. The mostly-enclosed outside area is very well heated. Also, my experience is that tables free up faster than expected.

I'm told the wait could be 30-45 minutes. It's 6:58 now.

The staff do their best to attend to me and other waiting customers out here.

7:55 and I'm in.

entree: Salted Cod

This is light and refreshing. It's got some lemon, salt, and herby flavours in addition to the fish.

Coniglio al forno

Traditional slow cooked farmed rabbit, pancetta, port, sage.

I'm told this is the signature dish of this restaurant, and has been on the menu for 30 years.

The meat is reasonably tasty, and is infused with a kind of sweet taste, like it's been percolating in tomato

There's a sweet sauce with the meat, but there's not much of it. The meat's taste is just not that special. It's like chicken, but a little bit tougher. A bit of a sweet flavour doesn't make it anything special.

The little balls of potato are very fluffy. They're slightly spicy, but this isn't enough to make them great. These balls of potato, and the rabbit, are the only things on the plate.

This was just a plate of meat.

Crème Brûlée di Arancia con negroni

Orange flavoured crème brûlée, Negroni cocktail with Loxton bio-dynamic orange compote.

The creme brulee has a nice eggy flavour, and is moderately sweet. The toffee crust is about the right thickness, and is neither sugary and uncooked, nor burnt.

Update: I am not supposed tip the Negroni into the creme brulee.

I decide that the Negroni is for drinking, due to the crumbly stuff around the glass's rim.

This Negroni is strong. :o

It has a lot of alcohol in it, but it also has a nice fruity, syrupy aftertaste.