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I enter this restaurant through a door, off a street. Oh, how cliche!

Next I'll probably asked to choose food from a printed list!

This place used to be D'Artagnan, a reasonable French restaurant.

Cheeky beef

Slow braised beef cheek with burnt onion aioli, saffron eschalot & crispy kale.

The menu abounds in juvenile drawings of animals. It's interesting and kitsch.

Slow cooked meat is often just left by itself, with no adornment. Here, it's given a bit of taste by the burnt onion aioli. However, the aioli tastes a lot like mayonnaise. This, plus the onion, tomato, and crunchy kale, uncannily turns the dish into a kind of a hamburger. The crunchy kale adds a slightly unpleasant texture, like when you accidentally eat food without taking it out of its wrapper.

There's not enough condiments for the meat, and eventually my plate is reduced to just meat, at which point I bail out.

Lemon curd soufflé

This soufflé is fluffy and moist, but most importantly, it has a very lemony flavour, and pleasant tang to it.

:( :(