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Joined by Rangi and Gill who are in town and wanted to tag along with my feedings.


Rosemary, garlic & lemon-infused lamb rack on celeriac puree with tomatoes and artichokes.

The lamb was smoky and tender, and went perfectly with the mild but slightly zingy celeriac puree. Gill didn’t like the artichokes, but I found them to be tangy and nicely textured. The tomatoes were just regular cooked tomatoes that you’d expect in a hot breakfast.


With white chocolate & raspberry macaroon, chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis, pink meringue & vanilla parfait.

This was the most confusing dessert possible. Normally, I start at a logical place, taking a bit of one thing and combining it with something complementary on my spoon. However, in this case, the dish was a random asteroid belt of different components of different sizes. Some of the components were reasonably nice. The brownie was chocolate-y, and the strawberry macaroon was soft and jammy. The big problem with this dessert was its incorrect ratio of ice cream to brownies and other similar brownieoid debris. One tiny scoop of ice cream wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Gill gave her rhubarb and pear crumble tart 6/10, citing the blandness of the rhubarb, but also said the home made coconut ice cream was excellent.