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Heirloom tomatoes, asparagus.

I normally avoid specials, but I’m told it’s very good.

I liked this for the first bite. The fish was soft and pink, but nicely cooked. It had a strong taste of lemon, pepper and salt. This was nice, but slightly overpowering. The various tomatoes added a variety of tastes and textures, but as the dish went on, I discovered that everything on the plate was covered in the overpowering dressing, and eventually I couldn’t eat any more. After the first bite, I was pondering whether to give this dish a 9.


With salted caramel and double cream.

This is certainly rich. There’s not much that’s more chocolatey than a brownie, or creamier than double cream. When mixed with some chocolate topping, this is rather a potent dessert. The cream isn’t particularly tasty, however, and the brownie doesn’t really have any texture. It contains hazelnuts, but their taste is completely lost in the brownie. I had assumed the salted caramel would be separate here, but it’s actually crushed into a topping for the brownie. The only result of this was that the brownie has a slightly unusual salty taste, though this cold be ignored. I had to actually dissect the dessert to discover what was supposed to be the salted caramel.

:( :(