On the way into the city, I notice the traffic is thin. It isn't too hard to park, either…

I discover most things aren't open…

Damn you public holidays!!! :O

I discover that COS is open. I've been here recently, but it will have to do.

Update: Not a public holiday. Just hot, and things are still closed after new year.

Pork belly with celeriac & apple

The pork belly is quite well-done. It's rather chewy. It doesn't have a huge amount of flavour, but does have a basic porky taste.

The apples, radish, spring onion, and miso-soup-stuff (update: was red wine jus) add a variety of acceptably interesting tastes to the meat. The texture combination is a bit strange though. I think I'd rather something creamy in here. I don't know how to eat apple straws, pork, and liquid at the same time.

I must be the only person who doesn't like crackling. To me, it tastes like an overcooked prawn cracker.

Mango parfait

With white chocolate & coconut macaroon, mint, raspberry.

The mango parfait has a nice mango taste, but it's full of shredded coconut. That's a slightly odd texture for ice cream, but it's a nice taste, especially with the very tart raspberry coulis.

The spearmint adds a blast of mint, but as always with mint, it's hard to eat it evenly. The spoonfuls without mint taste very different.

The separate macaroon is like a second dessert. It's not very sweet, but has a deep coconut taste, and a bit of lemon.

:( :( :( :(
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