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Up at West Lakes. There's a man playing the piano, which is actually very rare at restaurants.

I'm not sure this place faithfully recreates the experiences of Robinson Crusoe. I'm pretty sure Robinson Crusoe didn't have a wine list on his island.

Pan roasted duck breast

With bubble & squeak, bok choy, sour cherries and a pomegranate molasses.

This sounds very random. :)

I much prefer duck lightly cooked and juicy, like this, than well-done "indistinguishable from chicken" duck.

The swirl of pomegranate molasses adds a novel tang to the duck. However, I must press on, deeper into the feedpile.

In the centre is a large brick of bubble & squeak. It looks and tastes like a giant Sea Shanty. I'm not sure how this slab of lightly-flavoured shredded vegetable matter relates to my duck, but I eat it anyway.

The pleasant floret of bok choy has something slightly sweet on it, but it's even more unrelated to the duck than the vegetable cake was. Maybe when they caught the duck, it was munching on some bok choy, so they decided to serve up both of them. :}

Sour apple crumble tart

With almond frangipani, vanilla ice cream and blueberry coulis.

I'm not sure where the frangipani is. Maybe they decided to let it keep growing.

This is essentially an apple pie, but the very sweet pastry, and addition of almond slivers, give it more flavour.

The flower shape is actually an outline drawn with chocolate, then filled in with a very mild berry coulis. It takes me more than a minute of highly-skilled food autopsy to work this out.

Anyway, time to flee this island.

Attentive service, lakeside setting, piano