Crust - Brighton on Urbanspoon

Came here last week, only to discover that their oven was broken. Not wanting to chew on cold dough, I ate elsewhere. This place is in the $$$ category on Urbanspoon, but is just a pizza take-away.

I think I’ll wheel my feed home, and report on it there.

Moroccan Lamb Pizza

Moroccan lamb, Spanish onions & baby spinach on a tomato base, garnished with mint yoghurt and lemon.

This is from the “Upper Crust” section of the menu.

This pizza deviates a long way from where you would expect a pizza to be. Underneath a layer of cheese there was a lot of meat. Lots of meat plus lots of bread makes this a bit of a slog.

The meat had a nice spicy flavour, and if if was in better proportion to the other ingredients, this would’ve been nicer.