Cucina North Adelaide

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Continuing my jaunt along North Adelaide's restaurant strip O'Connell St.

Takes three tries to get a fruit juice, but they eventually have pear nectar in stock. :)


Roasted lamb rump cooked medium rare, with a red wine and herb reduction, with crushed rosemary potatoes, spinach and salsa verde.

No fancy name. It's just "Lamb".

The feed is taking quite a while.

The lamb is a bit tough, and is probably overdone on the outside, while being pink in other random places. However, it has a lot of taste. The herb emulsion adds a strong and tasty parsley flavour to the meat. The balsamic vinegar in the bottom of the plate also adds a lot of flavour.


Waiter informs me, unprompted, that the panna cotta and Tiramisu are the best things on the menu. I've had the panna cotta, and was unimpressed with it, so now it's time to be unimpressed by the Tiramisu.

A glass is probably not ideal for something like this, whose layers are not intended to be eaten separately.

This tiramisu has strong coffee and chocolate flavours, but it lacks the usual liqueur or liquid part that's often found in a tiramisu. Because of that, this dessert is fairly boring.

Free pear juice when I provide this feedback. :)

:( :( :(
Friendly service, free pear juice