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This menu is very Australian.

A bit cold in here.


A tasting plate of Australian fare, including:
Char-grilled kangaroo fillet
Pepperberry crocodile tail
NT Barramundi fillet

The crocodile was on the tough side, and had a fairly uninteresting taste, somewhere between chicken, fish and beef. I ate it with its sauce, but the stuff underneath was a kind of soy and mashed banana thing, which tasted like another sauce.

The kangaroo was nicer. Its earthy barbecue sauce went well with the spinach too. The little pile of red stuff was sour, and tasted like tomato paste.

The Barramundi is crispy, but also a bit chewy. Its flavour is enhanced by its spoonful of zesty, salty sauce.

The little bowl of salad was better than I expected. I don’t normally like these things, but the rocket and pear were aided by small, zingy, soft, lemon-like fruits.

The whole thing was a bit on the cold side. I did take my time, but I suspect these components were cooked sequentially.

Daniel 0, Native fauna 1


With Turkish delight.

I haven’t had a yoghurt panna cotta before. This was a very mild dessert. The yoghurt panna cotta had an even milder taste and sweetness than regular yoghurt. It was more of a base for the flavour of its preserved fruit topping. This wasn’t anything like a regular panna cotta, but it was pleasant enough. I’d regard it more as an afternoon snack than a sweet dessert though. The unrelated pieces of Turkish delight were sweet and rosy, but without being sickly or granular.

Additional: There was supposed to be a tart. It “didn’t make it to the plate.” The smaller red dollop (the “bush tomatoes”, that tasted like tomato paste) was supposed to be eaten with the crocodile, not the kangaroo. Also, the bananaey stuff hiding under the crocodile wasn’t a third sauce. It was supposed to be a salad. Not good when a seasoned mango muncher like me can’t tell that your mango is mango.

Head waitress happy to receive feedback.