Culshaw's Restaurant

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Culshaw's is one of Adelaide's few "native Australian" restaurants. Which is good, because I'm a top bloody Aussie cobber myself.

I had the tasting plate last time I was here, which covers all the Australian main courses, so I'll have to order something less Australian tonight.

Dukkah coated MSA beef fillet

With potato galette, mushroom, caramelised muntries, shallots and smoky cheese, Barossa Shiraz jus and crisp prosciutto.

The big piece of steak is a bit on the chewy side, and there's a pervasive "burnt" flavour. I'm not a big fan of char-grilled meat, especially when it's not listed as such on the menu.

The meat is covered in a macadamia and (I think) horseradish, but this strong flavour is masked by the even stronger burnt flavour, and the soy sauce-like stuff in the bottom of the plate.

The potato galette is salty, and almost burnt, but not quite. This gives it a huge amount of crispiness. This saltiness and crispiness makes this more than just the slab of potato it really is.

Galette - the best a man can get.

The smoky cheese adds another strong taste to the mushroom, but the prosciutto is awful. It's fried to a crisp, even though it doesn't appear to be. It's oily and crumbly, and tastes like the inside of a pan that's been used to burn something.

There were a lot of strong flavours in this dish. They all fought for the attention of my tastebuds, and the ones that won did add some strong and reasonably tasty flavours to the dish.

Duo of crumble tarts

Caramelised apple and muntrie, rhubarb & rosella flower with crushed macadamias, anglaise & vanilla ice cream.

The crumble on the left tastes like apple pie, but with another fruity flavour detectable in there. The pie crust and granola both have their own crunch. Everything's sweet and tasty.

The pie on the right is the raspberry one. It has less of an apple pie flavour, and tastes more like breakfast, but is still good.

I'm not sure that it was intended, but this was an excellent apple pie.

As I pay, I do my duty as a tournament Scrabble player, and inform the staff member, Cameron, that his name has an anagram - romance. Isn't that nice?

:( :(