Daniel’s House

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Tonight, on THE FEED REPORT, Daniel can’t be bothered going out after a hard day of playing Scrabble. Daniel resorts to foraging in his fridge.

Indian Style Butter Chicken

Main course is courtesy of Lean Cuisine. The rice is unexciting white rice, that ends up being too soft. The chicken lacks texture, and the meal is monotonous, due to the fact that it only has a few components. Nonetheless, it’s reasonably tasty.

Soleil Diet Creme Caramel

While this sweet tub of goo doesn’t stack up to last night’s Strawberries in the Snow at Alphutte, or Kenji’s walnut panna cotta, it’s better than gnawing on a slice of old bread. One of the better diet desserts, despite a slightly strong syrupy flavour.