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Ras el hanout, saffron cashew cream, potato & beetroot dumpling, blackened eggplant, enoki mushrooms & Chardonnay vinegar.

Coriander lurks amongst my beets! Luckily it's in huge sprigs, and is easy to remove.

The chicken is just well-cooked chicken, but it has a tasty and herby slightly over-charred skin. The chicken has an oily sauce of Chardonnay vinegar, but the sauce is fairly sparse, and has no real taste other than what it presumably picked up from the chicken skin.

The little dumpling is red on the inside, and has a completely unexpected curry flavour and spiciness that overwhelms any beetroot that's present, and the small amount of pale sauce.

The salad is a bit better. The crumbly eggplant is almost incinerated and is inedible alone, but adds an interesting and potent burnty flavour to the tomato and salad onions.

White chocolate, hazelnut crunch

With raspberry jelly and dark chocolate sorbet.

The chocolate sorbet has a very five texture. It's like gelati, but with no discernable pieces of ice. It does, however, have an extremely fine grain to it. These little particles stay in my mouth after I've eaten the mouthful of sorbet.

The berry pile is very sweet, and is bursting with mainly raspberry flavour. It's berry delicious.

The hazelnut cake is like a cheesecake, but has a very strong hazelnut flavour. The raspberry layer of the cake adds another strong and delicious layer.

Even the base of the cake has an interesting fluffy yet solid texture.

:( :(