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Almost run out of places to go in North Adelaide.

Waiting by fire for table to be arranged.

Slightly close to neighbouring diners. Place is fairly dark.

Pan roasted rack of lamb

With braised lamb shank pithvier, garden peas, cauliflower purée, vine-ripened cherry tomatoes and lamb jus.

This looked a bit simple, like a typical lamb roast. The mashed potato and peas weren’t extraordinary in any way, but they really didn’t need to be. I had given the specification “no blood” when asked how I’d like my lamb cooked. It’s rather dark in here, but upon analysis of my feed, under the glaring light of my iPhone, I discovered that my lamb had been cooked to perfection. The pieces were very large and meaty, but perfectly cooked through, while being soft and bloodless. I normally avoid eating fat, but the skin and fat here added their own strong flavours. The little filo meat pie was light and tasty, but superfluous. At the end if the day, this was just a lamb roast, but it was probably the best lamb roast I’ve had.

Warm sponge pudding

With poached quince and custard. Doesn’t sound as nice as the other things on the menu, but the waitress recommends it.

I upend the glass of topping onto the plate, after tasting it to make sure it’s not extract of coriander or something. The sauce has no taste. It’s just slightly thick. The pudding has a crispy exterior, but beyond that, has almost no taste either. It has the texture of banana cake, with 5% of the flavour.

- Slow. As always, food arrives within 30 seconds of me typing this. Dessert slow too.
+ Comfy seats.